Understanding Excellent Systems Surfaces

Excellent Systems kits come with two surface options: Standard and SureGrip. QuickRamps, however, have only one surface type: without holes.

Every surface type provides a strong grip. This is especially true for wheelchairs, scooters, bikes, walkers, rollators, and the soles of shoes.

Some surfaces are more effective in certain conditions. See below to find out which surface type is best suited to your needs:

Standard Surface

Standard kits feature a slip-resistant tread pattern and holes across their entire surface.

The holes allow liquid to drain through when spilled, preserving the slip-resistant texture of the surface.

Continuous rainfall, however, will combat the Standard Surface’s draining capabilities, keeping the surface wet. The polyethylene surface will still provide a strong grip, but for spaces beneath the open sky (and the ever-unfriendly British weather) you may prefer an even grippier surface.

Ramp Kit 1 – Standard Surface

SureGrip Surface

SureGrip provides the extra grip needed to trivialise the threat of rain, grease, and oil. SureGrip surfaces are comprised of the Standard holed surface with rubber pads inserted in a checkerboard pattern through 50% of the holes.

This balance between open holes and rubber-filled holes ensures that water and other liquids will continue to drain through the kit while simultaneously offering a strong rubber grip for tires and shoes to hold onto.

This friction hold is maintained even in heavy rainfall, making SureGrip the safest option for outdoor use.

Ramp Kit 1 – With SureGrip Surface (Black)

QuickRamps Surface

QuickRamps feature a tread pattern with no holes. Their strong dry grip and the ease with which they are cleaned make them ideal for indoor use.

Under heavy rainfall, however, water can produce a slippery film over the ramp, as there are no holes for it to drain into.

QuickRamps are thus best used to overcome small thresholds in the home.

QuickRamp Installation for Internal Threshold