Our Recycle Scheme

We believe protecting the environment is important. All our actions contribute to our carbon footprint, and we are determined to reduce ours as much as we can. We do this through re-use and recycle schemes, and by reducing our packaging and the weight of our delivery vans.

These efforts not only mitigate our impact on the environment, but they also reduce our expenses. We pass these savings on to you through lower prices and the option of cheaper recycled alternatives to our products through Easiaccess.

Read on to find out more. Additionally, you may request a copy of our Environmental and Sustainability policy for an extensive look at our environmental objectives and the progress we have made in this area so far.

Re-Usable Ramps, Steps, Railings

Every product on Ramps.co.uk is designed to last many years. There may, however, come a time when you no longer need your access solution. When that happens, you don’t need to throw your product out. You can simply return it. If your product is fixed in place, we will remove it.

Easiaccess pioneered the adoption of re-usable components. Our ramps, railings, and steps are exceptionally versatile. They come in many different variations out of the box. This reduces the need for cutting or other forms of permanent modification when installing them for the first time. The flexible connectors and height-adjustable brackets on our railings also eliminate the need for bending.

As a result, when our products are removed, they can often be reused in a wide variety of locations. At first, they will be taken to our warehouse where they will be cleaned up, given a fresh powder coating, and broken up into their component parts. 

Re-used components can comprise an entire set of equipment, or part of a set. This depends on the customer’s desires. Reused components are often positioned where they cannot be seen, with fresh new components installed above. This helps to save costs and maximise budgets.

At the end of our equipment’s lifespan, every part can be fully recycled – assuming the owners remember to send their disused parts our way!

Excellent Systems Recycling

Excellent Systems go to especially impressive lengths to protect the environment. They conserve electricity and material in ingenious ways throughout their entire manufacturing process. That is one of the reasons we are delighted to be the sole distributor of their ramp, platform, corner tiles, and QuickRamps in the UK.

Excellent Systems tiles are moulded from the environmentally safe polyethylene – the same type of plastic used on the inside of milk cartons. This material is extremely durable, allowing each tile to be used for many years. When they reach the end of their use, they can be remoulded into new tiles. This is also true for defective tiles and offcuts during the installation process. All of it can be reused, leaving nothing to waste.

Recycled Excellent Systems tiles are called infill tiles, available via Easiaccess. You can sometimes identify them by their slightly different colouring to the regular grey ones. For this reason, infill tiles are best used in the foundations of ramps and platforms, with fresh new tiles layered on top for a flawless looking surface.

How This Benefits You

Re-usage and recycling not only protect the environment, but it also benefits our customers in many ways.

When more of our customers return their used products, the cost of supplying new products naturally goes down.

We pass this reduction in cost onto our customers through lower prices of new products and the option for lower cost recycled components. The reduction in the weight of our delivery vans also reduces our transportation costs, driving down prices even further. And when you receive your equipment, the packaging will be minimal, making your equipment easy to unwrap and dispose of in your recycling bin.

These efforts allow for budgets to be maximised and for hassle to be reduced to a minimum.

So instead of throwing away your used equipment, tell us when you’re done with it, and we’ll take it off your hands – free of charge.