Our Culture

At Ramps.co.uk, we seek to help you every way we can. That’s why we created this site. We are always searching for new ways to make getting around less of a hassle.

We have a long and proud history of delivering the highest quality equipment, protecting the environment, and paying attention to our customer’s individual concerns.

To learn more about how we strive to engage with our customers, see below:

Customer Service

Our customer service team is dedicated to providing friendly, helpful, and responsive support. Whenever you have a question, request, concern, or if you need to make an urgent change of plans, our support team will be happy to oblige.

Every member of our team is familiar with each level of the company’s operations. Our team has observed installation crews at work, toured the warehouses, and handled the products themselves. We also attend regular meetings to keep up to date with customer feedback, to refresh ourselves on our company’s collective goals, and to familiarise ourselves with innovative new products.

We offer pre- and post-sale support, so the help we can give you does not end after you make your purchase. Check out our reviews to see the positive things our customers have to say about the support we provide.

Health and Safety

Safety is an extremely important factor in every accessibility solution. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable when using our steps, ramps, and handrails. That is why we go above and beyond to make our equipment sturdy and reliable.

All our products are held to the highest British safety regulations. Everything we sell has undergone the strictest tests for load bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, and slip resistance – and has far surpassed them all.

Our equipment has ensured the safety of our customers for over 25 years. With this new online store, we are striving to make it easier than ever for people across the country to discover safe, affordable mobility equipment.

Personal Attention

We understand that every customer’s needs are different. That is why our products come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

We also offer instructions on how to modify our products straight out of the box, in addition to potentially supplying you with bespoke solutions when you need them.

Much consideration has also been paid to the preservation of our customers’ homes, gardens, and businesses. We understand you may be worried that the installation of access equipment may crowd or damage your property.

Consequently, all Ramps.co.uk products adhere to a minimalist design philosophy. They are lightweight, take up as little space as possible, use as little material as possible, and to require little to no drilling.

Caring for the Environment

We are always looking for ways to reduce our emissions and recycle the materials we use.

We have made great efforts to reduce the load our vehicles carry. With lighter loads, our fuel costs are reduced, and we emit less carbon dioxide into the air. Our products also come with minimal packaging—making them less wasteful and easier to unpack and put down.

Additionally, most of the components we use are made of recyclable material, saving you money and saving the planet resources.

Every Excellent Systems product, for example, may be melted down and moulded into new cheaper replacements for customers seeking cost-saving foundations to their Excellent Systems ramps. Easirail railings may also be returned to us when no longer needed and repurposed for those who wish to maximise their budgets.

How Are We Doing?

An essential component of our culture is self-reflection and self-improvement. We can only do this with your feedback. If you have anything you would like to tell us about your experience – whether praise or criticism – be sure to leave us a review. We’ll be glad to hear from you!