Check Out Our New YouTube and TikTok Channels!

We want to show off our products from every angle and in a variety of live scenarios. That’s why we’ve set up both a YouTube and TikTok channel for

These channels feature several genres of videos – some informative, others entertaining – with more content being uploaded on a regular basis.

Take a look and see what you think:

Product Showcases

Before you buy anything from us, you will naturally want to see it in action.

Our YouTube and TikTok channels show off every one of our products in detail. Our videos are filmed in a range of locations to show off their versatility. We use high quality cameras so you can get a good look at them and to help you visualise how our equipment looks in real-world settings. We also occasionally take a camera drone into the air, partly to add a cinematic flare to some of our showcases, but mainly because it’s fun.

You’ll know we’ve crashed the drone when the drone footage inexplicably stops being used in our videos.

How-to Guides

All our products come with detailed and clear step-by-step guides. Sometimes, however, it is useful to see something installed in real time before attempting it yourself. That is why each of our products has its own video installation guide. Our videos also prove the claim that our products are quick and easy to install.

Other Videos

The marketing team sometimes gets a little carried away. They mess around with the equipment, attempt to act, play around with music and special effects.

The result is neither informative nor helpful – but they upload such videos anyway because they find it amusing.

Due to the ease of editing TikTok videos, you will find that our TikTok content is sillier than our more serious and informative YouTube content.

It all gets uploaded to YouTube anyway, though, so there is no escaping it.

Stay Tuned

With more Easiaccess products coming to in the future, it is well worth subscribing to keep up to date.

Follow the links below to find the channels: